ChatGPT Development Practice Growth

GPT Solutions

Our ChatGPT Development Practice is booming! Our ChatGPT development practice at Captivate Chat has been experiencing remarkable growth since its launch in November 2022. The introduction of ChatGPT has not only transformed the world but has also had a profound impact on our platform, CaptivateChat. It has provided us with the perfect infrastructure to seamlessly […]

Ai The Future of Live Chat in Customer Service


Ai The Future of Live Chat in Customer Service.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the future of live chat in customer service. AI-powered chatbots are able to provide customers with more efficient and effective customer service experiences in a fraction of the time it would take a human agent.   Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly […]

Chatbots are Really Annoying

Do you know what’s really annoying? For a start, people who ask questions like that, where you are meant to say “what”, so they have your attention. But also chatbots. Chatbots are everywhere, but they tend to be everywhere annoying people. As a recent trend in customer service, they’re supposed to make life easy for […]

The Revolutionary Advantages of ChatGPT in Customer Service

ChatGPT, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI, is transforming the landscape of customer service. Unlike traditional chatbots, ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities allow it to understand natural language and provide personalized and accurate responses, making it an indispensable asset for businesses seeking to improve their customer experience. Unlike previous chatbot technologies, which often required […]

How Will ChatGPT Affect The Live Chat Industry

ChatGPT (short for “chat Generative Pre-training Transformer”) is a variant of the GPT language model, which was developed by OpenAI specifically for chat-based applications. As a language model, ChatGPT is able to generate human-like text and can be used to power a variety of chat-based applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and messaging platforms. The […]

How To Combine Live Chat, Chatbots And Omnichannel

As more and more consumers shift their shopping habits to include online and mobile channels, retailers are looking for ways to provide a consistent and satisfying experience across all of these touchpoints. One way to do this is through omnichannel chat, which allows customers to communicate with a retailer through a variety of channels, including […]

Which WhatsApp Inbox?

      With WhatsApp now having the largest share of any messaging app (over 2 billion users), companies all over the world are experiencing a similar issue – employees and customers are using WhatsApp as a communications channel outside of regular IT with negative effects in productivity and compliance.     Businesses such as […]

Using Slack with Live Chat will Ease your communication 

Using Live Chat, you can direct customers from specific pages to specific groups according to their needs. Moreover, with the help of Slack channels, you can ensure that customers who click through to the pricing page chat with sales representatives. Integrating Slack with LiveChat lets you turn a chat into a public or private channel. […]

How chat and massaging will change in the next few years?

Customised Chat

We’re using messaging apps more and more, from simple text-based services to chatbots. Thus, there is an explosion of messaging apps of all shapes and sizes. Messaging apps have overtaken social networks in monthly users, and the gap continues to grow. Businesses and companies are willing to integrate messaging options into their working platforms. In […]