Low cost customised GPT Solutions. With chat if you need it.

If you need to build AI / GPT solutions we've got you. What's more, if you need humans to chat with them, or you need live chat, our advanced chat platform can cover every possible scenario.

AI Engineering

Our AI Engineers

Our team of 20 specialists in GPT, AI, and ML creates intelligent GPT solutions, leveraging the latest technologies to drive business growth. For larger projects, we collaborate with CaptivateBuild.Dev for high-value developer talent. Gain a competitive edge with our cost-effective expertise and Captivate Chat platform.

GPT Solutions

Currently we have a team of 20 specialist focusing in GPT, AI & Machine Learning solutions for businesses across industries. Our team has years of experience in using the latest technologies to create intelligent solutions that drive business growth.
With the arrival of GPT, we have seen explosive growth in requirements and we have been able to leverage this technology to deliver highly intuitive and personalised chat solutions.
For larger bespoke projects, we work with our sister company, CaptivateBuild.Dev, who specialise in building tech and dev talent teams, particularly ML and AI, to quickly gain access to high-value developer talent.
We are experts at getting the best talent for your project. Our recruitment team has extensive experience in identifying and recruiting top developer talent, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.
Our specialist team provides that latest talent at the lowest cost which allows clients to easily experiment with these exciting technologies and to get ahead of the market. Combine with our Captivate Chat platform when needed for smarter chat.

Bespoke Integrations

Our bespoke integrations seamlessly integrate your own channel, chatbot, or live chat platform with our solutions, meeting your unique needs. This means our GPT Solutions can be easily connected to other systems both within and external to your organisation. Contact us for tailored communication solutions and expandable features, including APIs and SDKs.

Customised Chat

Developing New Features

We provide tailored GPT solutions for businesses, including customised communication platforms, new channels, chatbots, live chats, reporting, integrations, IoT support, and more.

We understand that businesses have unique requirements, and our bespoke solutions and builds ensure that your communication platform is designed to meet your unique needs. If you require new channels, chatbots, or live chats, specialty reporting, integrations with certain systems, as well as support for physical devices such as IoT controllers, we can build them for you. Our platform is packed with features, and the list is ever-growing. We are happy to build new features to meet your unique needs. Our team of experts can work with you to understand your requirements and design bespoke solutions that meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke solutions and builds, and how we can help your business achieve its communication goals.

The Platform

Positioning CaptivateChat


CaptivateChat can be deployed in customised chat environments as an enterprise GPT solution. 

It sits neatly as a no-code / low-code chat solution between, bot development platforms, messaging solutions and live chat solutions.

Key Features

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Ability to not have to hardcode a solution to a particular vendor's technology to avoid lock-in. Vendors come from a live chat, AI or channel point of view and bespoke solutions will have these as a pre-requisite. CaptivateChat insulates from this.

Web Widget

Our web widget can be customised to whatever look and feel or functionality you require. Out-of-box, it is easily configurable to fit most business purposes.

Data Protection and Privacy

Given that Large Language Models (LLMs) can’t typically run inside your own infrastructure, conversational data has to be sent outside the firewall. CaptivateChat protects client data via built-in customer anonymization, data masking encryption, data retention policies and user consent protocols.

Chat APIs

CaptivateChat is specifically designed to be easily adapted to support bespoke chat environments. This means that out-of-box it is easy to programme. This extends to easily adding any new AIs, channels and live chat platforms as well as developing integrations and applications.


The CaptivateChat SDK allows web apps, mobile apps and desktop apps to easily include chat. It provides all the API calls required to be able to quickly integrate AIs, channels and live chats into your application.

Your Cloud

CaptivateChat is containerised and can be easily deployed into your own cloud. It is supported in AWS, GCP, Azure and IBM Cloud.

Reporting and Analytics

CaptivateChat is designed to easily integrate all mainstream analytical tools which means developers can build in the solutions of their choice. Access provided to information around sessions, messages, users etc in a user friendly way.

Live chat hand off

CaptivateChat comes with built in hand-off and assignment algorithms, both manual and automatic.

MS Teams and Slack Live Chat

CaptivateChat comes with in-built support for Microsoft Teams and Slack as live chat platforms.

Omnichannel Support

Besides Web Chat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are built in. Our architecture allows easy extension to any channel in (typically) 2 man weeks.

Any AI / GPT or Live Chat

Captivate's unique database and API architecture is specifically designed for any AI, any live chat and any channel. This not only allows easy integrations but also allows customers to quickly take advantage of industry progress.

Advanced Routing

Chats can be routed across different organisations, from Teams to Slack or Slack to Teams and Teams to Teams within multiple tenants.

CaptivateChat + Our AI Engineers + Your App

ChatGPT now means that users can have conversations with applications and SaaS platforms are now adding Conversational UIs to their app’s GUIs. Say good buy to clicking and waiting for screens to load as well as to the tedium of reading the whole page in search for your answer.

Simply chat to the app as you would a human and get immediate answers!

At Captivate, we have the platform and engineers to help our customers easily build this interface at a low cost

Build a Conversational UI for your App

We have a three stage process to building Conversational UIs for our client’s apps.

1. Help files, searches and FAQs are yesterday’s news. It’s much better if users ask their questions directly and then receive the answers they need. Our first stop is usually to ingest all such material and make a CUI for help information.

2. Once done we identify the application’s APIs that we will use to drive it. We then work with our clients and their users to build out the initial useful conversations so we can deliver early success and start the ideation process.

3. From this point we begin fleshing out the AI and it expands as users increase their use.  Our CaptivateChat feedback system will collect user demands which means we can continuously improve the CUI and watch user satisfaction increase.

Select GPT Knowledge Base Template

GPTize my information

CaptivateChat + Our AI Engineers + Your Information

We’ll take a website and/or collateral  and make them into a GPT bot, trained and efficient. Back this up with your people in Teams, Slack or your preferred live chat.
  • Create a low cost GPT version of your sales collateral which is far easier for prospects
  • Build a knowledge bot where prospects can learn about your industry so you are seen as Subject Matter Experts
  • GPTize your support tickets meaning that people can ask question and get answers, not a list of hits
  • Distribute your product information to your resellers through GPT bots, simply deployed using CaptivateChat

Our platform is continually evolving and we are putting a lot of effort into making GPT bots be self-servce so that our customers can publish them without our help.

But the industry is not there yet.

Happily we have our amazing team of AI Engineers on hand to help keep them on the rails so we will combine them with your product entry people to get the perfect bot.

For those wishing to use our platform for product information distribution, we can set up all forms of networks such as vendor, distributor, reseller and customer.  This means GPT syndicated content can be kept fresh and combined with the local reseller or partner’s propostiion.  This makes them look great and adds reach to vendors product information.

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