Easy AI – build and deploy your own AI Assistant

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Place on your Website, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram

The Ultimate AI Chat Platform: Seamlessly integrate your own cutting-edge open AI Assistant into your business. Whether you're looking for an AI chatbot GPT solution or an enterprise-grade AI chatbot platform, Captivate Chat has got you covered.

Create your AI Assistant with Ease

Build your Own Assistant
Use your own URLs and documents to train your AI Assistant. No coding required! Our no-code AI chatbot platform empowers you to create a versatile AI Assistant tailored to your specific needs.
Choose Your AI Assistant Type
Sales, Customer Support, Marketing, eCommerce, Education, and more.
Get Connected
Connect effortlessly with your CRM, eCommerce platforms, and financial systems.

Multichannel Support:
Engage with your customers on their preferred platforms.

Choose a Channel

Captivate Chat supports:

Web Chat
Facebook Messenger
Laptop with Web Widget
WhatsApp on Mobile
Instagram on Mobile

Live Chat with your Message Apps

Microsoft Teams Live Chat:
Integrate live chat directly into Microsoft Teams..
Slack Live Chat:
Connect with customers through Slack.

Why use your Message Apps?

Easy Out of Box Integration

No need for an expensive live chat platform. Just add your existing Teams or Slack setup

Anyone can chat

You can configure CaptivateChat and Teams/Slack so that anyone in your organisation can receive live chats with your customers and route them to others

Combine with our AI Assistants

Often live chat platforms will have AI Assistants but CaptivateChat opens these up to Teams and Slack

Use our Channnels

Your customers can chat to you in Teams or Slack from WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram

History with Search

Teams and Slack have indefinite chat history so users can searchfor compliacted interaction


Both Teams and Slack are designed for the smallest company to the largest. Since anyone can answer live chats, smaller businesses can much longer support times as it is easy to answer the occasional query on a phone

Empower your Sales Team with an AI Assistant

AI Sales Platform

Boost your sales with an AI-driven approach. Captivate Chat helps your sales team engage effectively with potential customers, providing intelligent, real-time responses.

Instant AI Sales Assistant

Train your AI Assistant on your sales collateral and website and you instantly have an inexpensive, 24/7 seller with all your product knowledge.

Live Chat to Close

And when prospects need the human touch they simple ask and your sellers can chat in Teams or Slack.

Optimize Customer Service with AI

AI for Customer Service: Improve response times and customer satisfaction by using our customer service AI chatbot platform. Captivate Chat is designed to enhance your customer support operations with:

24/7 Availability

Never miss a customer query at no extra cost.

Comprehensive History Search

Teams and Slack offer indefinite chat history, making it easy to retrieve past interactions.

Smooth Handover

Ensure seamless transitions between AI and human agents.

Why Choose Captivate Chat?
  • OpenAI Chatbot GPT: Use the latest in AI technology to create intelligent chatbots.
  • Customer Support AI Chatbot Platform: Transform your customer service operations.
  • Enterprise AI Chatbot Platform: Scalable and robust solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Multichannel Engagement: Reach your customers on their preferred platforms.
  • Teams and Slack Integration: Centralize your live chat operations.
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What our Customers Say

Russel Acton
CEO, Qorbital

We'd been looking for a easy way to publish a GPT AI Aisstant on our website.  There is nothing easier than CaptivateChat - we were up and running in minutes!

Keith Lesser
Managing Director, Lesser & Co

The great thing about CaptivateChat is we can easily maintain our own GP AI Assistant which means we can keep our clients up to date.

Laura Hannan
CEO, Pitch121

We can create, train and publish AI Assistants for us and all our clients in minutes.  It's also super useful being able to use live chat in Microsoft Teams!