Easily create and connect a GPT Chatbot

Supported by your team members in MS Teams or Slack.
Available across any channel.

Perfected by our AI engineers.

GPT Chatbots with live chat in MS Teams or Slack

Seamless Customer Engagement: AI GPT Chatbots Across Channels, Integrated with MS Teams and Slack

Our extensive selection of AI GPT chatbots effortlessly adapt to your customer chat externally across channels like websites, Instagram, FB messenger etc. or internally across knowledge hubs, engaging with your customer base. 

When human interaction is required, our platform seamlessly integrates chats into MS Teams or Slack!

Unlock our AI Power for Your Needs

Build your own GPT bots

Use our platform to create your own GPT chatbots by simply pointing at your website or your own sales, marketing  and technical documentation.  

But that’s never good enough.

Our talented AI engineers perfect or expand them so they behave exactly as you want. Paid plans include 1 free hour a month.

for the App or head over to the Slack App Directory and search for ‘Captivate Chat.’ Once you find it, click ‘’Install’’ to add the app to your Slack account.

Add in our pre-built Knowledge Bases

We’ve built a whole library of Knowledge Bases for your GPT bots that you can use to add to your final design. Whether it’s CRM or Marketing Automation platforms, customer engagement flows or product information, our library will add and rich conversational capacity to your chatbot.

For Enterprise Customers we offer bespoke platforms that allow the broadcasting of product information through their networks. Find out more he.

Select GPT Knowledge Base Template
Captivate Chat configure Chat Widget

Configure your website chat

Use Captivate Chat to make you web widget shine with your brand and colouring. Our highly configurable widget allows customers to be in your brand, not ours, and to be immersed in your offerings.

Chat over any channel

As well as our highly configurable web widget, Captivate Chat supports WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and any channel you like. 

This means you customers get the same AI or human experience wherever they chat, and you only maintain one chatbot across all channels.


for the App or head over to the Slack App Directory and search for ‘Captivate Chat.’ Once you find it, click ‘’Install’’ to add the app to your Slack account.

Add in Microsoft Teams or Slack for live chat support

With GPT the chatbot game has changed but customers still need that human touch.  Captivate Chat comes pre-integrated with MS Teams or Slack live chat support so anyone in your organisation can pick up customer chats.

What’s more is we can integrate anyone’s live chat so that you can have a front end contact centre chat solution handing off chats to Teams or Slack with the organisation.

Complete flexibility!

Low Code and no code

Captivate Chat is designed for out of box SaaS users who want simplicity and easy of use.  But it’s rich in many more features live multi-AI, Cross-organisational routing, APIs, Mobile SDKs and much more. Please look at our Enterprise Solutions section if you’re looking to do more.

5 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Self-Serve Simplicity

 Our self-serve GPT chatbots adapt effortlessly to any use case.

2. Cost-Effective Pricing

Begin FREE based on conversation count, with innovative pricing that suits your needs.

3. Expert Assistance

Access our skilled ML, AI, and GPT development teams based in the Philippines, a top tech hub. Enjoy 1 hour of monthly support for FREE.

4. Omnichannel Connectivity

Seamlessly connect across various channels, from websites to WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, email, and text!

5. Native Integration

Our platform smoothly integrates into MS Teams and Slack, ensuring seamless human handoffs for customer interactions.

Ready to Dive In? No need to schedule a call. Access our platform and experience it for FREE today!