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How chat and massaging will change in the next few years?

We’re using messaging apps more and more, from simple text-based services to chatbots. Thus, there is an explosion of messaging apps of all shapes and sizes. Messaging apps have overtaken social networks in monthly users, and the gap continues to grow. Businesses and companies are willing to integrate messaging options into their working platforms. In addition to sent and received messages, more and more functions are being added directly to the chat interface. The trend is expected to continue for the next few years. Let’s talk about the future of chat: how chat and massage will change in the next few years. 

How chat and massaging will change in the next few years?

Enhance user experience

In the future, messaging apps will provide users with delightful experiences. Large files in any format can be sent instantly in real-time. An efficient chat application provides a link to the file instead of sending the entire file. Important messages can be bookmarked/starred and viewed later. In the working software or a group messaging platform, message search and tagging/pinning will be easy. 

Analyst the user data

Business owners should be able to see how their services are being used and connect with the customers. So the owners will be able to analyze chat data more easily with chatbots and existing messaging platforms in the future. Businesses will be able to see average chat times, connected users, open and closed chats, or even sentiment ratings of conversations. Besides, it will be easy for the business owners. Monitor the geolocation of connected users to understand better where your users are located.

Easily programmable

It is important to discuss programmability before talking about specific differences. How do you define programmability? Having a programmable chat app means you can control everything that happens between a message being sent and a message being received. For example, business logic, alerts, or third-party APIs will be implemented easily. Features like share geolocation and more efficient automated replies will be available on each messaging platform. 

Running full business

Chat platforms will make running an entire shopping experience easy, from browsing to fulfilling orders. Small and mid-level business owners will be helped more by the chatbots. In the future, shoppers will be able to use chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automatically help them browse, order, and troubleshoot orders from a messaging interface. In addition, you will receive order updates like push notifications and SMS as orders move through the fulfilment lifecycle. By using messaging and chat platforms, businesses will communicate more effectively.

Attending a live event

Video and live events can be enhanced with chat, and users can interact with one another. Combining a chat application with a live streaming video will be easy and display how many users are watching the live event. The owners will gather and aggregate geolocation data to get an idea of how many viewers there are worldwide. Furthermore, custom polls will allow users to engage with the site more. It will include interactive features such as the ability for users to vote on other messages and raise their hands.

Chat Rooms

The messaging and chatbots are continuously evolving with new features and options. People will be able to join in a virtual room and catch-ups to enjoy videos. Besides, features like speech to text will be introduced and make texting easier. For example, the Facebook messenger platform is continuously working on increasing the user experience of the users. 

AI messaging 

Mobile messaging allows us to send text messages, audio/video messages, and animated gifs. In the future, 5G technology will provide us with more bandwidth, making this form of communication even more popular. As an example, think about the situation when two friends can connect. Using augmented reality. People are also expected to be able to create 3D projections and AI-generated avatars in the next decade.

How to make the best use of messaging Platforms Chatbots to Grow your Business in Future?

Customers and companies benefit from messaging platforms, which offer an immediate solution. Platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook. Captivate Hub will help your business start automating processes that you currently handle manually. They can help you to integrate your messaging platform into the working platform. By integrating your working platforms, you can save time and make your business and team more productive. is the best way to take your business to the next level, whether you are a large corporation or a small business. Because messaging and chatbot features will change the business and operation works in the future. So why not integrate messaging platforms into your working platforms. 

Final Words

Technology will also be able to recreate experiences from one person to another. The same is true for chatbots and messaging platforms. The messaging options will significantly change in the next few years. This is why you should make the best use of it to grow your business. And will help your business experience the best features and applications of chatbots and messaging platforms.