AI Sales Bot

AI Sales Bot

Our AI Sales Bot generates personalized recommendations using collaborative filtering and GPT-based systems. Integrated with Chroma DB, it ensures accurate recommendations tailored to each customer’s unique needs. The system can be integrated into a chatbot, allowing customers to interact with the system in a conversational manner. AI Sales Bot Captivate built an AI Sales Bot for […]

Brand Voice Generator

GPT bots are here

Brand Voice AI Content Generator Create content that is tuned to your brand’s (or your) voice rather than bland generic writing associated with standard offerings like ChatGPT . Automate the writing based on previous posts and then have the system use AI to build an appropriate image saving 1000s in content writing fees. Read more […]

Proposition Bot

Chat UIs are coming

Proposition Bot Take a website and/or collateral  and make them into a GPT bot, trained and efficient. Back this up with your people in Teams, Slack or your preferred live chat. Create a low cost GPT version of your sales collateral which is far easier for prospects to interrogate Build a knowledge bot where prospects […]

Chat UIs for Applications

Chat UIs are the future of applications

Chat UIs for Apps GPT now means that users can have conversations with applications and SaaS platforms are now adding Conversational UIs (CUI) to their app’s GUIs.  Read more about how the future of UIs is chat here in a great article by Russell McGuire. Read more We have a three stage process to building […]