Chat UIs for Apps

GPT now means that users can have conversations with applications and SaaS platforms are now adding Conversational UIs (CUI) to their app’s GUIs. 

Read more about how the future of UIs is chat here in a great article by Russell McGuire.

We have a three stage process to building Conversational UIs for our client’s apps.

1. Help files, searches and FAQs are yesterday’s news. It’s much better if users ask their questions directly and then receive the answers they need. Our first stop is usually to ingest all such material and make a CUI for help information.

2. Once done we identify the application’s APIs that we will use to drive it. We then work with our clients and their users to build out the initial useful conversations so we can deliver early success and start the ideation process.

3. From this point we begin fleshing out the AI and it expands as users increase their use.  Our CaptivateChat feedback system will collect user demands which means we can continuously improve the CUI and watch user satisfaction increase.

CertChain are building a revolutionary Buildings Asset Management platform and their client, a global construction company, liked their demo CUI so much that we’re now building it in to their platform.

“Captivate blew us away with their AI engineering and the fact that they had their own platform made it a simple choice.  2024 is going to be an amazing year for both companies”. 

Steve Holt, CEO, Certchain