The Future’s not ours to see..

Fortune Teller

Years ago my then partner once persuaded me to visit a fortune teller. Personally, I am beyond cynical about such things and it turned into a game of tease.  The fortune teller was making these catch-all statements like “you have had a recent trouble”. I was winding him up by saying things like “who hasn’t?” The outcome was inevitable and my name became mud in the fortune teller community.

So what’s that to do with The Captivate Hub?

Well, one of our guiding principles is that while we have a reasonable idea about upcoming tech, we don’t know it all and we definitely don’t know its impact.  History is littered with failed tech – Betamax, OS/2, Sinclair C5, Google+ – that should have succeeded. It’s also littered with  tech that completely caught us off guard. Most people I know didn’t see the Internet or mobile phones coming.

Chat is mainstream but still wild

As chat has become mainstream as a way of communication there has been an explosion in compenents. New collaboration platforms, channels, AIs and live chat systems are all vying for attention.  Vendors are trying to incorporate everything into their platform from whatever angle they come from but no-one can have it all. This means that clients end up over-paying for features they don’t want and waiting for those they do.

Quickly Adapt

And that’s what the Hub is about.  At it’s core it routes messages from anything to anything and then we’ve built out layers to make it easy to integrate new tech as it comes along. As an example, one of our clients wanted more than the currently available MS Teams live chat solution – so they integrated a different one in a matter of days. Don’t get locked in to a loveless marriage with your chat vendor. By all means date, but keep your dance card open with The Captivate Hub.