About us

The Captivate Story

Captivate Chat is the brainchild of Chris Patterson, a seasoned entrepreneur with an IBM background. In 2016, Chris founded Escalate AI, a bot company that developed a platform that integrated IBM Watson chatbots with live agent chat, catering primarily to the chat enterprise market.

Fast forward to 2019, Chris partnered with IBM to create a new version of the platform that allowed the separation of components in a chat environment, including live chat, channels, and chatbots. This innovation would enable one of IBM’s clients, a major UK bank, to integrate Facebook Messenger as a channel without vendor limitations. This marked the birth of Captivate Chat.

Captivate Chat has since undergone significant development, becoming a low code/no-code app that connects all of your customer communication channels and chatbots to popular team collaboration tools like Teams or Slack. With Captivate chat, you can easily manage customer requests and internal conversations in one place, making it easier than ever to provide top-notch customer support.

Captivate Chat also works with enterprise clients who can white label the product and develop additional integrations and features. The platform adheres to the central ethos that each new integration is accessible to all Captivate Chat users.

Thanks to Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit and expertise. Captivate Chat has become a game-changing Teams or Slack app for managing customer communication, providing clients with a powerful tool to streamline their communication and support their business growth.