Integrating facebook messenger with slack and Ms Word

Today’s business environment requires chat-based collaboration software, whether you work remotely or in-house. Teams can access Slack and MS team online workspace through easy channel sharing, lightning-quick navigation, and easy integration with hundreds of apps. Imagine integrating Facebook messenger with your working platforms like slack and ms Word.

 A work-focused version of Facebook recently merged with Microsoft’s collaboration app Teams so that users can share information between the two platforms. It’s easy for companies to use Facebook Messenger for business because it has numerous features. Companies are more willing to add their team and slack platform with Facebook messenger. Take a look at the benefits of integrating Facebook messenger with slack and the Ms team. 

Benefits of Integrating Facebook messenger with slack and Ms team

A bot or an automated response

AI-based chatbots or out-of-the-box responses can help you save time and respond to customers outside of the regular working hours. The Facebook Messenger bot can be constructed by a third-party company or be an out-of-the-box response. So easily, your team members can handle those responses without wasting much time, 

An organization’s ability to meet the needs of its clients is measured by customer satisfaction (CSAT). Business success is directly related to customer satisfaction scores. And integrating Facebook messenger will bring numerous changes to your business. 

Without wasting time members can handle customers

Facebook messenger is a rich message system that can include carousels, which allow users to scroll through the conversation content, or multimedia, such as audio and video. An image carousel of different moisturizers could be generated from a conversation with a skincare brand. Your team members will easily attend to the customers and save the tie. Users could swipe through the information and purchase the product.

Analytical tool

Facebook’s business features let businesses track key performance indicators (KPIs) and data, like the number of conversations and average resolution time. So you or Ms team members can easily use the tools to better your business. When Facebook Messenger is integrated into your business software, you can segment Messenger analytics into more detail and create custom visual dashboards. There are much more benefits than you can imagine.

Communicate with anyone anytime

The unique feature of the Facebook messenger is that you can receive conversations from Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for Business in one unified inbox or integrate them with your customer service software and other enterprise systems. So your team members can handle and easily communicate with anyone anytime. This allows them to be used alongside traditional service channels and social media channels.

What are the advantages of using Facebook Messenger as your business communication platform?

Automated chatbots integration is easy to implement

Automating is the key to maximum efficiency. Chatbots can be programmed to answer common customer questions and recommend knowledge base articles to resolve the issue and increase customer engagement. If the bot cannot resolve the issue, the ticket can be transferred to a live agent. The agent can then seamlessly take over the conversation by reading through the Facebook Messenger thread. So without wasting time, your members will be able to resolve any issue.  

Chat has the highest CSAT of all support channels

Messenger on Facebook is optimized for better customer service. It’s hard to find a better social media platform for businesses than Facebook, which provides verified profiles, Facebook ads, and built-in analytics. Business pages and profiles on Facebook can be integrated with enterprise customer service software via the Messenger API so your customers can contact you at scale.

Facebook Messenger agents can manage multiple conversations simultaneously, so multitasking is easier

A Facebook Messenger agent can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, making multitasking easier. In Facebook Messenger, a phone number is not required, and SMS rates do not apply. Creating a verified business profile on Facebook is a great way to establish trust in customer relationships.

How to integrate Facebook messenger with Slack and Ms Word? 

Captivate Hub will help your business start automating processes that you currently handle manually. They can help you integrate your Facebook messenger with Slack or Ms word. It is not only capable of connecting apps and providing the best solution for collaboration platforms. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and does not require your intervention. Simply take help from do what you want, and let it work for you. Save your time and integrate your working platforms to get the most benefit for your team and business. is the perfect solution to take your business to another height, whether a large corporation or a small business. By eliminating conversational dead ends that occur when different technologies are used in silos, the Captivate Hub dramatically improves the customer experience.

Final Thoughts 

Captivate Hub enables organizations to use any combination of live chat, bots, and channels from any vendor. It is a bit of a relief for you that very few companies use embedded chat, making it much easier for you to stand out. Facebook messenger is something that most customers and people use with ease. Your team will be able to communicate easier with the customer and among themselves by integrating Facebook messenger with Slack and Ms team. Additionally, it will increase the ability to create engaging, frictionless digital customer interactions.