How Did MS Teams Become So Pervasive?

Features Of MS Team That Are Unique And Useful

Now we will look at some Microsoft features that support the platform:

  • Chat function
  • Conversation within teams and channels
  • Group conversation
  • Document storage in SharePoint
  • Online video calling and screen sharing
  • Meetings over the Internet
  • Telephone replacement
  • Teams live events
  • Breakout rooms
  • Audio conferencing
  • Protocols
  • Integrations

What Makes MS Team So Pervasive?

Super-fast Communication

Microsoft Teams fosters amazing communication among teams. No time or effort is wasted. The key revolves around the selected team players, enabling real-time communication within a topic channel. The Microsoft Teams members cannot read emails, so time gaps are eliminated. This allows them to focus on the work at hand.

Increase Productivity

Think about how much time is wasted between email threads. Consider the time lost in scheduling meetings among remote employees. During follow-ups after meetings, task allocation is notoriously inefficient. Collecting documents and tracking versions is also a challenge. Microsoft Teams is a tool for enhancing productivity by keeping the right people at the table in highly-focused collaborations, while document retrieval is built into the system.  

No Limit to Hardware or Software

Microsoft Teams has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This eliminates the limitations of hardware or software. Microsoft Teams is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. An internet connection is all you need to continue your work connect with your tea. 

Integration of Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Teams is now fully integrated into Microsoft 365. Access to all Microsoft Office products is available. This is a significant benefit of Microsoft Teams. You can access Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Yammer, just to name a few, which is very helpful for any business and organization. 

It is a Kickstarter For Digital Transformation

You will likely have many different data storage locations if your organization is not digitally transformed. You may experience delays if you need to access and also access documents. Microsoft Teams offers a digital transformation journey as one of its benefits. Cloud-based systems allow you to access information from anywhere, on any device, whenever you want.

Security in MS Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform is very secure and also uses multi-factor authentication. Large enterprises can rely on the system to offer integrated information protection at a high level. This is one of the most important aspects that any organization wants to ensure for their team members and documentation. 

Microsoft Teams Voice Calling

With Microsoft Teams, up to 250 of your employees can make high-quality voice calls to external numbers. Both desktop and mobile devices ring simultaneously. You can use a headset or the built-in audio on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to join with the team anytime, anywhere.

Enable On-the-go Communication For Employees

If you want to support remote workers, Microsoft Teams is definitely the right tool for you. You can stay in contact with everyone while on the move with Teams. A mobile app allows you to meet, chat, and post to Channels through your phone. Since communicating in Teams is as simple as messaging in WhatsApp, no third-party messaging app is necessary. 


Every organization is unique, and every employee within that organization will have varying requirements. Microsoft recognized this and created an app store with a large collection of exciting apps for employees to use in their workspace.

You can also pin your most frequently used files, applications, and websites with tabs in Microsoft Teams. When notifications are enabled, all employees can stay current and are notified when any activity occurs, whether they are at the office, at home, or even on the road.

Document Collaboration in Real-time

Microsoft Teams gives employees the ability to collect and edit documents seamlessly, which is one of its most productive features. This can be done with as much efficiency as possible within the organization. Documents are automatically saved within Teams. There is no chance of information being lost.


As a highly intuitive tool, Microsoft Teams enables productive and effective collaboration. Microsoft Teams is accessible to both fixed and remote workers across several geographic locations. It results in a more focused and streamlined project, among many other great benefits. Full security, flexibility, and ease to use functions make it more favorable to the organization and business. In light of these factors, how did MS Teams become so pervasive?