Don’t say a word

Try saying any sentence and then try typing it.  Which is easier (unless you are a 200 words per minute uber touch typist)?  Since people tend to do whatever is easiest, why is chatting or texting so much preferable? Who is telephoning people only the 6th most popular app on a mobile phone?

Chatting is slower and more cumbersome and yet dominates how we communicate with each other. If I call my 21-year-old son, he assumes it’s an emergency.

So why is this?

Simply put, chatting gives us time and time means less stress.  There are no empty silences with chat. True, if you have just sent some hugely emotional text (“fancy a date?”) you are left hanging for the reply but nothing like had it been a voice call! The other person in a chat might be doing something else hence your wait.

In business there are more reasons. Chat is a record, can include images/files and can be time sliced so an agent can multi thread (a bit). Chat can have URLs for context. I have queued for an hour on a chat and I didn’t care because I got my place and used it later at my convenience while doing other things.

Whatever the reason chat is here to stay or at least until different I/O devices surface one day. It’s also growing and getting more complicated which is of course why we made The Captivate Hub. Because the world of chat is so fast moving, businesses need to abstract from vendors and allow themselves choice without cul-de-sacs. The Hub is designed to avoid vendor lock-in and allow organisations to choose whatever chat component they want.

That’s enough talking.