Builders can talk to Customers and Trades from MS Teams.

During our recent loft conversion, we were using WhatsApp to communicate with our builder but internally they had MS Teams. Their Trades used WhatsApp so it was a mess.

The Captivate Hub is the perfect solution for this problem because it brings all your communications into one place so you never lose chats or have a record of what happened in them.

The Captivate Hub brings all your messaging apps- including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber & Whatsapp –into Microsoft Teams so you can chat with everyone from one place without switching between interfaces!

This means no more lost messages and no more confusion about who said what when! You’ll also be able to see everything that’s been sent to you by other members of your team as well as those outside it -all together in one convenient location. Best of all? You’ll never miss a message since we’ll save every conversation right into Captivate Hub (just like email). No more lost chats or threads!