Ai Stocks To Watch In 2023


AI Stocks To Watch In 2023

As the world continues to become more reliant on artificial intelligence (AI), investors are increasingly looking for the best opportunities to get involved in the industry. Here are a few stocks to watch in ’23.

Investors should take note of the following stocks to watch in 2023

Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft is one of the longest standing and most established players in the AI space. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is at the forefront of AI development and is gaining traction with major companies such as Walmart, Unilever, and L’Oreal. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence capabilities range from natural language processing to computer vision and are becoming increasingly important to the products and services they provide.

Microsoft has reportedly invested $10B in OpenAI, the owner of GPT and ChatGPT so they aren’t fooling around. This has brought on a potentially titanic struggle with Google as users tire of Google’s ad-ridden and spam-infested search approach, and begin to look at a far more targeted way of getting information.  ChatGPT Plus is only $20 a month – it might well be that people start to think that clean information is worth paying for, and that their data and secrecy are worth protecting,  which would completely undermine Google’s and Meta’s business models.

IBM: IBM is another major player in the AI space, and they are making waves with their Watson AI platform. Watson is a powerful tool that is being used to help businesses make decisions, identify patterns, and offer personalized services. IBM is also leading the way in quantum computing, which promises to revolutionize AI.

If you have lived under an AI rock (or even non-AI rock) you’d know about ChatGPT “The Google KIller” but the world of AI has other things going on and even since IBM broke cover with Jeopardy and Watson, they haven’t been sitting around waiting for the competition. Conversational chat is dominated by GPT but equally useful staff like synthetic data comes out of the IBM shop. Synthetic data allows you to create vast quantities of data to work with, without going into the real world. The impact on drug field trials, for one, is set to change our lives. And deaths.

NVIDIA Corporation: NVIDIA is known for their graphic processing units (GPU’s), which are used in gaming, but they are also at the forefront of AI technology. NVIDIA’s GPU’s are used to power deep learning applications, and their chips are used in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and medical imaging.

With their robotics expertise,  Nvidia are doing some fascinating work in twin robotic development – putting a twin robot through hazardous and random experiences without affecting the real world. Amazon has been a leader in AI for a long time, and their AWS platform is the backbone of many AI applications. Amazon is also venturing into robotics and autonomous vehicles, and their Alexa virtual assistant is gaining in popularity.

In November of last year, the company introduced Sparrow, a robotic system that employs computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to differentiate between products and handle millions of packages within its warehouses.

Alphabet Inc: Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and they are leveraging their AI expertise to develop projects such as Google Assistant and Google Lens. They are also investing heavily in AI-driven healthcare solutions.

ChatGPT, the latest venture by OpenAI, has become a sensation on the internet. This chatbot can respond to complicated queries effortlessly and confidently, even if not always with complete accuracy. Google seems to be worried about its potentially disruptive capabilities, since who would want to sift through multiple Google Search pages when a chatbot could provide quick answers? As per a report, Google is intensifying its own artificial intelligence efforts to counter rising competitors such as OpenAI and may unveil several new AI offerings during its developer conference, Google I/O 2023, scheduled for May.

Intel Corporation: In the near future, Intel intends to enhance its Intel Developer Cloud service by enabling customers to evaluate the performance of their AI applications on various chips, all in one place. This will be achieved by implementing a feature that will allow side-by-side comparisons of machine-learning tasks on GPUs, Xeon CPUs, and other accelerators such as Gaudi2.

With this new functionality, customers will have a comprehensive solution to measure the efficiency of their AI applications across a range of different chips, providing a convenient one-stop-shop for performance evaluation.

Apple Inc: Apple is making waves in the AI space with their coreML platform, which is used to power their Siri virtual assistant. Apple is also developing chip technologies specifically for AI applications, and they are investing heavily in AI research.

These stocks should be on your radar in 2023 as the AI industry continues to grow and evolve. Investing in these companies now could mean big returns in the near future.


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These sources provide insights into the companies’ advancements in AI technology and their potential for growth in the industry. They also offer information about how GPT is impacting the AI industry and changing the landscape for tech giants like Google.