LLM AI Assistants & Platform

AI’s Digital HR

Captivate helps organisations build, manage and understand LLM AI Assistant  solutions across their own and their partner networks

Custom AI Solutions

1. Design & Build

We bring bespoke AI and LLM ideas to life through our experienced AI team

2. Deploy & Manage

We provide easy setup in these complex environments,  via our proprietory platform

3. Monitor & Understand

We help our customers delve deep into their data to know what’s happening  in realtime.

Design & Build

AI or LLM projects lend themselves to small initial road tests – we mostly help clients road test first through small POCs. 

We do this through our our highly skilled far shore AI engineers.

We then turn successful POCs into real business solutions which let our client differentiate their organisations around their proprietory processes and data.


Deploy & Manage

We deploy these LLM Assistants via our CaptivateChat platform providing omnichannel and human oversight.

We supply version control across multiple LLM Chatbots typically in partner networks bringing order and control in these environments.

Monitor & Understand

We provide reporting, statistics and transcripts across the LLM Assitants network.

We can use advanced AI techniques to understand sentiment and context within the LLM Chatbot network.

The CaptivateChat Platform

Getting the best out of people is hard and so is training, managing and understanding AIs. So imagine if we made it simple again?

Our platform lets you:


  • Easily deploy LLM-based AI Assistants, channels and integrate humans via MS Teams or Slack
  • Expand across channels with web chat, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, which can be easily expanded to any other channel
  • Support our accurate LLM Assistants based on our layered database approach
  • Understand and use all your data to make smart business decisions realtime.
LLM AI Assistants & Platform

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