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GPT Solutions


A blockchain start-up uses a GPT-based chatbot powered by Captivate’s Chat platform to provide personalised Q&A service, enhancing customer engagement and accuracy across multiple channels.

“Captivate built us an incredibly powerful GPT bot to help our prospects understand complex building regulations and then allowed prospects to chat to our (human) sales guys in MS Teams. Brilliant.”

Stephen Holt, Founder

Another client of ours is a start-up in the blockchain industry that provides a Q&A service based on GPT. The chatbot uses machine learning to understand customer inquiries and provide customised responses based on the user’s context. 

The GPT solution has helped the start-up to increase customer engagement and improve the accuracy of their responses. The chatbot solution is powered by Captivate’s Chat platform, which provides multichannel support and Slack live chat integration, allowing the start-up to reach customers across different channels and improve their overall customer experience.

Large Global Distributor

A large global distributor built an ML bot for personalised recommendations during software license renewals, increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Powered by Captivate’s Chat platform with multichannel support and Microsoft Teams integration.

One of our clients, a large global distributor, has built an ML bot aimed at making sure salespeople give the right recommendations during the software license renewal process. 

The bot uses natural language processing and sentiment analysis to analyse customer feedback and provide personalised recommendations to salespeople. The ML bot has helped the distributor to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The solution is powered by Captivate’s Chat platform, which provides multichannel support and Microsoft Teams live chat integration, making it easier for the distributor’s salespeople to engage with customers across various platforms.


Qorbital are a revolutionary startup bank who require live chat routing from major brands through to their back office team.  

“We needed Captivate to build some extra functionality into their Captivate Chat platform so they turned to Captivate Build. Perfect execution and great quality ensued. Will use again. prospects to chat to our (human) sales guys in MS Teams. Brilliant.

Russell Acton, CEO

Being a bank, especially one that is handling major brands, means that Qorbital have unique requirements which can only be met by the CaptivateChat platform.

Qorbital supply a white labled banking app to their customers who are major brands.  The customers of those brands will require support which is met through a chat interface within the app.  Clearly brand specific chat must be handled within the brand’s support desk whereas banking support must come through Qorbital.

CaptivateChat allows for the integration of any live chat platform which means we can support any brand that Qorbital onboards.  The platform can also route chats from the brand’s chosen chat platform to Qorbital’s support desk  where we have integrated Freshchat.