GPT, AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Our specialist practice provides that latest talent at the lowest cost which allows clients to easily experiment with these exciting technologies and to get ahead of the market. Combine with our Captivate Chat platform when needed for smarter chat.


The Practice

Captivate’s GPT, AI & Machine Learning Solutions practice specialises in developing advanced AI/ML solutions for businesses across industries. Our team has years of experience in using the latest technologies to create intelligent solutions that drive business growth.

With the arrival of GPT, we have seen explosive growth in requirements and we have been able to leverage this technology to deliver highly intuitive and personalized chat solutions.

Add Captivate Chat

If you need humans involved, you’ll need Captivate Chat,

It’s designed to enable businesses to deploy AI to solve business problems while keeping the human-in-the-loop. This approach offers the benefits of AI without the risk of damaging the customer experience.

We’ve a wealth of experience in developing chat solutions that integrate with various platforms for live chat, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and more.  And remember Captivate Chat supports any channel including Web, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

We also have extensive experience in developing chat solutions for industries such as healthcare, finance, and retail.


POCs, MVPs and complete builds

GPT, AI & Machine Learning are incredible technologies and as they take hold, businesses are wondering how to use them – it’s not easy to know where to start?

Captivate understand this which is why we offer small scale POCs to prove concepts and nail down ROIs before anything big starts.

We  will work closely with you to define the art of the possible and since we’ve a lot of experience, we are great at pitching in our own ideas too!

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Our Work

Large Global Distributor

One of our clients, a large global distributor, has built an ML bot aimed at making sure salespeople give the right recommendations during the software license renewal process. 

The bot uses natural language processing and sentiment analysis to analyze customer feedback and provide personalized recommendations to salespeople. The ML bot has helped the distributor to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

The solution is powered by Captivate’s Chat platform, which provides multichannel support and Microsoft Teams live chat integration, making it easier for the distributor’s salespeople to engage with customers across various platforms.

Blockchain startup

Another client of ours is a start-up in the blockchain industry that provides a Q&A service based on ChatGPT. The chatbot uses machine learning to understand customer inquiries and provide customised responses based on the user’s context. 

The GPT solution has helped the start-up to increase customer engagement and improve the accuracy of their responses. The chatbot solution is powered by Captivate’s Chat platform, which provides multichannel support and Slack live chat integration, allowing the start-up to reach customers across different channels and improve their overall customer experience.

Bring Your Customers Closer

If you want to get closer to your customers from Teams or Slack (as well as do so much more), get going now.